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posted on 11 Jan '17

How can teachers and careers staff book and request university events?

The process of booking and requesting university events will differ from university to university. You can either contact a university directly or use a third party, such as UniTasterDays (where you are reading this)! The majority of events are free and may be held on or off campus (e.g. at your school or at the university).

Some events must be booked by teachers for groups of students, and can be bespoke for the school, but for many events, places can also be booked by the students themselves on an individual basis.

There is a statutory context too! Sessions booked by teachers for school groups may demonstrate the provision of impartial independent careers guidance in relation to university opportunities for your school. As stipulated by the Education Act 2011.

How can UniTasterDays help? provides a searchable database of different university events, including workshops, open days, outreach events and residentials. This allows university outreach teams to easily compile and update, in real time, a list of events aimed at teachers making bookings for school groups and for high school and sixth form students to book directly.

You can quickly and conveniently search for (and book) a university event for your students using UniTasterDays. You can also request your own, bespoke event to suit your specific needs on the site if you would prefer. Universities are always very busy and may not have the time or resources to meet your request, however UniTasterDays will contact the institution on your behalf and if they can meet your request, they’ll get in touch with you directly.

UniTasterDays can also offer independant university talks for your school as well.


UCAS are more than just an admissions service. They also offer information and advice to teachers and students, with the ultimate goal of inspiring and facilitating young people’s educational progression.

The events and open days section on their website provides teachers with a portal to discover and book onto open days, taster days and other university events. You can search for and book open days and/or taster courses with their simple interface. The taster event section uses the same feed of information which is listed on UniTasterDays (see previous section). They have integrated the UniTasterDaye event listings tool into their site.

Direct Contact

Alternatively, if you know who you would like to work with, you can contact the university directly via email or telephone, or by visiting their website. Google, as in most things these days, is your friend!

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