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Introducing The Uni Guide Podcast

Supporting Teachers, Careers Colleagues and Parents with all things university

In this podcast series, we will be providing listeners with the cutting edge and most up-to-date information and conversations to provide excellent support to those considering university. In plain English, without the jargon, and from the lived experience of everyone involved in the process.

We’ll cover topics including:

  • Why and how do students apply for university?
  • How much does university really cost?
  • How can students select a university course or institution?
  • How can they prepare for exams?
  • What do they need to know before starting their course?
  • And many more!

With expert presenters – Producer Tim Roe, UniTasterDays Founder Jon Cheek, guest university experts and of course our fantastic student panel.

The Student Panel

Leah Brooks

Connect with Leah on Linkedin

Leah is a current medical student at the University of Sheffield. She was the first in her family to study at university.

Leah is on the committee for Future Frontline a non-for-profit organisation working to inspire and educate young people on the MDT within the NHS.

She recently starred in a YouTube video Open Mic: So You Want To Study Medicine

She has also worked closely with UCAS multiple times filming for their web series discussing university and medical school. She uses her social media platform @wellnessmedic, which has a combined following of over 3000 followers to advocate for mental health, widening participation and work-life balance.

Emma Berwick

Connect with Emma on Linkedin

Emma is a BSc International Business with French student at the University of Birmingham and currently completing a study abroad programme.

She has been a student ambassador at her university for the College of Social Sciences, as well as a student rep for languages.

Currently, Emma is on the youth advisory board for BrightSide as well as being a mentor for Zero Gravity, where she supports students with their UCAS applications and transition to university. A Circl future leader, Emma also tutors a Year 13 pupil on a voluntary basis with Tutor the Nation and is currently applying for summer internships.

Emma is a finalist for the Grow mentoring Travers Smith awards for her outstanding commitment to pro-bono work.

Nuku Somevi

Connect with Nuku on Linkedin

Nuku graduated in 2022 and is a content creator aspiring for a career in social media, film and television. He has experience in producing content for social media pages, running and organising events, helping with recruitment and inclusivity and producing short films. Nuku is currently completing a VFX/Graphic Design Internship.

Achievements include:

  • 1st Degree July 2022, Film & Television BA. Cinematography and Film/Video Production at Edge Hill University
  • 2020 - Employability Award Runner Up as part of Digital Marketing Team
  • 2021 - Volunteer of the year - Highly Commended for President Multicultural Society
  • 2022 - Society of the Year for Multicultural President
  • Invitation to talk about Racism for International Centre for Racism

Anton Springett

Connect with Anton on Linkedin

Anton is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Kent.

He is a diligent and driven computer scientist, tackling some of the most robust and widely applicable programming languages on his course, including SQL, Java, HTML, CSS and more.

He is passionate about widening participation and outreach work and works as a student ambassador at the University of Kent.

Additionally, he is the first in his family to access university and hopes to provide support and guidance to both parents and teachers from his lived experience.

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