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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 13 Jun '19

University fees and finance - The six things careers colleagues and teachers need to know

The month of May ended with more in the news about university fees and finance. So this blog has a focus on student fees and finance, which is the biggest barrier to university for students.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 6 Jun '19

What information do you need to provide effective university guidance to your students?

We’ve started work on the next Teachers’ Guide to University brochure, ready for a release at the start of the 2019-20 year. This blog tells you about the planned contents!

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 30 May '19

Are university fees changing? What schools and students need to know today following the Augar Review.

Today, the Augar review into post-18 education and funding has been released – supported by a hefty 216 pages of content. This blog looks at the changes which may be on the horizon which students may be asking you (as a teacher or career adviser) when schools return next week.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 17 May '19

Meeting notes – to Westminster, from me.

I have the opportunity to introduce and our national review of university guidance to a member of parliament today - who has kindly offered me a meeting to find out more about UniTasterDays and see if they can help. These are my meeting notes!

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 8 May '19

An introduction to university conferences for teachers and advisers

Universities nationwide will host teachers and advisers conferences. As you’re reading this blog on a university events website for teachers, you’re probably exactly the person they're aimed at! This blog will tell you all about them.

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 by Nia Stokes
, posted on 1 May '19

Future employability – the KEY things students should consider before making a university application

Although finding a job may seem a long way off when students are applying for university, it is still important that they start considering job prospects and employability. Universities offer a range of services to help students appear attractive to employers, this blog will talk you through them.

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 by Nia Stokes
, posted on 23 Apr '19

Things for students to consider after making their university application

After students have submitted their UCAS application, it’s time to start homing in on the finer details of their university choices. This blog includes a checklist which will guide you through the ways students can best prepare for their university journey.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 11 Apr '19

We need more university student finance guidance in schools - both before and after the review

The barrier to university that comes up time and time again is student fees and finance. In our national review - finance was again raised as the greatest barrier. This blog calls for more to be done about it both before and after the finance review.

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 by Kat Knight
, posted on 1 Apr '19

Are you planning a university careers fair? Top tips from a university perspective

This blog aims to support anyone new to organising a higher education fair, or those who want to know what is helpful to universities to improve their higher education fair experience.

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 by Dr Allen Hirson
, posted on 21 Mar '19

Introducing undergraduate university courses in Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is a rapidly developing profession which encompasses biomedical sciences, psychology, languages, linguistics and phonetics. This blog will tell you all about it!

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