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 by Karen Kennard
, posted on 18 Apr '18

How to help students understand about scholarships, grants and bursaries for university

With the cost of going to university being a major concern to many students and their parents, it could be valuable to give your students a greater understanding of scholarships, grants and bursaries which are available and how they can seek out and apply for them. This blog will tell you how!

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 by Chris Bayes
, posted on 11 Apr '18

Student Recruitment and Widening Participation - the difference from a university perspective

Within this blog, I am discussing my research paper ‘Blurred Boundaries – Encouraging greater dialogue between Student Recruitment and Widening Participation’.

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 by Janet Colledge
, posted on 22 Mar '18

Top Tips for a newly appointed school careers leader

The new careers strategy gave all schools until September 2018 to appoint a school careers leader. This blog provides some top tips on where to start for hundreds of newly appointed careers leads all over the country/

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 by an Admissions Officer from Edge Hotel School
, posted on 14 Mar '18

Direct university applications explained: how does this compare to UCAS applications?

As a teacher or careers adviser, how often do you explain to your students the difference between applying for their university options directly or via UCAS? If you are unsure on the difference, this guest blog will help.

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 by Llinos Angharad Williams
, posted on 2 Mar '18

What is the Welsh Baccalaureate and how does it link with Higher Education?

Qualification reform has been a hot topic in recent years for students, parents, schools, colleges and also universities. In Wales we have seen a shift away from mirroring the qualifications on offer in England with A* - G grades being retained at GCSE as well as the AS levels continuing to contribute to the full A Level. An integral part of the qualifications suite offered by the Welsh Government has been the revamped Welsh Baccalaureate which you may have heard of.

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 by David Moyle
, posted on 23 Feb '18

What is a UCAS exhibition and how to prepare in advance: my top tips

A UCAS Exhibition provides learners with direct access to a huge range of providers and resources. The volume of information available can be daunting, so some preparation before the event will ensure that time on the day can be well spent. This blog will help students to prepare for them.

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 by Oliver Rossetti
, posted on 19 Feb '18

Alternative Learning Styles at University: Life-Shaped Learning and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher Education has sought to widen participation and help ensure society is well-trained and educated. Stemming from this development, students are now fortunate enough to have the choice as to not only choose whether they would like to study at Higher Education, but did you know they also have a choice about how they go about studying for their qualification too? This blog will tell you more.

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 by Sophie Craven
, posted on 2 Feb '18

University guidance: working effectively with parents and carers

As part of your school or college higher education and employment preparation programmes, one key area involves working with families, parents and carers – in order to raise awareness and understanding and to involve them as a key stakeholder in the learners’ decision making process.

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 by Laura Haveron
, posted on 1 Feb '18

What to expect when bringing a school group to a university open day?

Universities offer teachers and advisers the opportunity to book students onto their open days as groups. It is usually really easy to make a group booking – most universities will have an open day event page on their website, with an option to book as a group. This blog introduces what you should expect.

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 by Myles Smith
, posted on 24 Jan '18

The Teaching Excellence Framework (“TEF”): how will this new framework impact on your students?

Universities up and down the land have been either celebrating or commiserating over their results in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), with some big names scoring surprising results. Some students might initially disregard the results as just another league table, but with TEF there are some key differences, so what does this mean for students looking for a top university?

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 by Sophie Craven
, posted on 15 Jan '18

University IAG - Meeting the Quality in Careers Standard: how teachers can make the most of what universities have to offer

Careers provision in schools and colleges is once again firmly in the spotlight. As those of you in careers roles in schools will be aware, The Quality in Careers Standard (QCS, 2017), sets the new gold standard for good CEG provision in schools. This blog introduces how universities can help with it!

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 by Laura Haveron
, posted on 11 Jan '18

The benefits of university residential summer schools

University Summer Schools – and particularly those with a residential element – give students a chance to try out university in an authentic and fun environment. Often summer schools include challenging, interactive academic sessions as well as social activities designed to help students relax and make friends. We tell you about them here!

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 by Fred Binley
, posted on 4 Jan '18

Five top tips to pass to students for preparing persuasive personal statements

When I get talking to teachers and advisors in schools and colleges I’m often asked, ‘Can you sum up in one sentence what makes an effective Personal Statement?’ Easy! Read on to find out what that is!

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 3 Jan '18

Widening Participation, University Outreach and Fair Access – what do they mean and why do teachers need to know about them?

This blog introduces teachers to terms widely used in the sector, but rarely explained. What is university outreach and widening participation? What does fair access mean? This blog introduces the key facts and differences

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 12 Dec '17

Two year university degrees: more information for teachers to pass to students

You may have seen recent news relating to two year degrees, and perhaps as a result students are asking you for more information. This week’s #UTDIAG blog will help with that!

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 6 Dec '17

The UniTasterDays Top 10: Our blog to help teachers to build links with universities

Schools have a statutory duty to provide careers support to students. For many careers, university is the next step in that journey. This blog introduces teachers to our top ten ways to develop these links. After all, university is the next step in the career for up to 50% of students. We help with the top ways to do it.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 30 Nov '17

University Tuition Fees and Student Finance in England: The *updated* key facts for teachers to pass to their students

Worries over tuition fees and an increased reliance on student loans are both seen as a major barrier for young people considering higher education. This blog explains the system, and provides key information to pass to students.

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 by Sophie Craven
, posted on 8 Nov '17

Top tips for teachers arranging travel for university visits and university events

Arguably, the most impactful university collaborations are those that take place outside of school or college – on university campuses, at road-shows and fairs. This blog will help with top tips for arranging transport for events like this.

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 by Rachel Jones
, posted on 1 Nov '17

Is it free to book a university event or visit for my school?

The short answer is yes – most events offered by universities are free. Usually, when you visit a university, all you’ll need to pay for is some lunch for your students, and travel costs. It’s very rare that a university will charge for an event such as a taster session.

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 by Sophie Craven
, posted on 11 Oct '17

Is funding available to support my school attending university events?

The good news is that, in many cases, funding is available to support the costs associated with university collaboration. So before you discount the idea of a trip or a visit due to funding constraints, dig a little deeper as there could be funding out there.

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