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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 14 Aug '18

Buzzword 'Clearing' – students should be prepared and not fearful

A Level results day is on Thursday. So for many 17 and 18 year old's (or older) - Thursday will be full of anxiety and excitement (probably in that order!). This blog will provide some support for teachers waiting to support the students getting their results.

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 by Llinos Angharad Williams
, posted on 7 Aug '18

The timeline for your new sixth form - my top tips so students are 'university ready'

It’s Year 12’s first day of Sixth Form. Perhaps some have returned focused for their new courses, others struggling to settle on their subjects. This blog includes my top tips for getting year 12 and 13's university ready.

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 by Kat Knight
, posted on 24 Jul '18

An introduction to studying in London

We often meet students who say “It’s too expensive to study in London!” In this blog we will look at some of the myths and some of the truths around the cost of studying in London, so that when your students say the same thing to you, you can help them make an informed decision about studying in the capital.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 10 Jul '18

How can schools build links with universities? Our Top 10...

Schools have a statutory duty to provide careers support to students. For many careers, university is the next step in that journey. This blog introduces teachers to some of the best ways to develop these links. After all, university is the next step in the career for up to 50% of students. We all have a duty to prepare students for that

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 by Kat Knight
, posted on 26 Jun '18

How to advise your students when they’re struggling to write their personal statement

As teachers and advisers, you are often the first point of call when a student is struggling with a personal statement. Here are our top ways to help your students get back on track with their statement and take ownership of the content.

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 by Leni, Sam, Chris, Sophie and Alex
, posted on 15 Jun '18

Our top tips for schools wishing to engage with university outreach teams

“I didn’t realise you did that!” is something we hear more often than you can imagine in regards to what university Student Recruitment teams offer - this blog will introduce just some of the help which is on offer!

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 by Kat Knight
, posted on 11 Jun '18

How teachers can support students to make the most of university

Whilst having a degree is necessary or an advantage for many jobs, students also need to have other experience alongside their degree to help them get the best job they can in this competitive job market. This blog includes top tips to support students with that.

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 by Janine Yaxley
, posted on 31 May '18

How can I make the most of outreach and engagement offered by universities?

Universities now more than ever are collaborating with schools in order to make their engagements as impactful as possible - this blog introduces how you can benefit from that!

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 by Grant Cullen
, posted on 21 May '18

More than insight: How schools can build relationships with Universities that work for all

Creating opportunity, facilitating transition and delivering aspiration is a regular occurrence for University student recruitment and widening access teams. Part of this process is to work with Schools and Colleges to make this happen. This guest blog tells you why it is important.

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 by Lauren Hughes
, posted on 11 May '18

University teacher and adviser conferences: What are they and what to expect?

To be a great teacher, adviser or career counsellor to sixth form students, you must be equipped with accurate and in depth information relating to higher education. CPD events like teachers conferences can help with that. This blog will tell you why.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 8 May '18

How can schools meet the Higher Education Encounters in Gatsby Benchmark 7?

You will have seen the new Careers strategy: making the most of everyone’s skills and talents, which was published in December. As well as the subsequent statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff. This blog explains how schools can meet their higher education obligations.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 30 Apr '18

Why schools need to arrange more University events for their students

Now I would say schools need to engage more with higher education, as I run a website which facilitates just that. But hear me out on this one, with my top five reasons why in this blog.

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 by Karen Kennard
, posted on 18 Apr '18

How to help students understand about scholarships, grants and bursaries for university

With the cost of going to university being a major concern to many students and their parents, it could be valuable to give your students a greater understanding of scholarships, grants and bursaries which are available and how they can seek out and apply for them. This blog will tell you how!

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 by Chris Bayes
, posted on 11 Apr '18

Student Recruitment and Widening Participation - the difference from a university perspective

Within this blog, I am discussing my research paper ‘Blurred Boundaries – Encouraging greater dialogue between Student Recruitment and Widening Participation’.

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 by Janet Colledge
, posted on 22 Mar '18

Top Tips for a newly appointed school careers leader

The new careers strategy gave all schools until September 2018 to appoint a school careers leader. This blog provides some top tips on where to start for hundreds of newly appointed careers leads all over the country/

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 by an Admissions Officer from Edge Hotel School
, posted on 14 Mar '18

Direct university applications explained: how does this compare to UCAS applications?

As a teacher or careers adviser, how often do you explain to your students the difference between applying for their university options directly or via UCAS? If you are unsure on the difference, this guest blog will help.

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 by Llinos Angharad Williams
, posted on 2 Mar '18

What is the Welsh Baccalaureate and how does it link with Higher Education?

Qualification reform has been a hot topic in recent years for students, parents, schools, colleges and also universities. In Wales we have seen a shift away from mirroring the qualifications on offer in England with A* - G grades being retained at GCSE as well as the AS levels continuing to contribute to the full A Level. An integral part of the qualifications suite offered by the Welsh Government has been the revamped Welsh Baccalaureate which you may have heard of.

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 by David Moyle
, posted on 23 Feb '18

What is a UCAS exhibition and how to prepare in advance: my top tips

A UCAS Exhibition provides learners with direct access to a huge range of providers and resources. The volume of information available can be daunting, so some preparation before the event will ensure that time on the day can be well spent. This blog will help students to prepare for them.

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 by Oliver Rossetti
, posted on 19 Feb '18

Alternative Learning Styles at University: Life-Shaped Learning and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher Education has sought to widen participation and help ensure society is well-trained and educated. Stemming from this development, students are now fortunate enough to have the choice as to not only choose whether they would like to study at Higher Education, but did you know they also have a choice about how they go about studying for their qualification too? This blog will tell you more.

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 by Sophie Craven
, posted on 2 Feb '18

University guidance: working effectively with parents and carers

As part of your school or college higher education and employment preparation programmes, one key area involves working with families, parents and carers – in order to raise awareness and understanding and to involve them as a key stakeholder in the learners’ decision making process.

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