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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 2 Apr '20

A guide to online university events and support for schools and students. What is out there?

The ongoing challenges we are facing worldwide will undoubtably result in an increase in online university events as schools and students seek university guidance away from the classroom. This blog will introduce you to them.

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 by Ellen Bailey
, posted on 26 Mar '20

Supporting students whilst schools are off – a teachers guide to how universities can still reach out to students

This is a challenging time for everyone in the educational system; Covid-19 has significantly disrupted everything as we once knew it, and schools, colleges and universities must learn to adapt their outreach delivery methods to suit the needs of this ongoing global situation. This blog provides information on what universities are doing to support you.

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 by Jasminne Gwalter
, posted on 16 Mar '20

How schools and colleges can support students when preparing creative profiles for university interviews

Preparing for a face-to-face interview can be daunting for a student, not to mention the added pressure of preparing the perfect compilation of work. This blog will provide some top tips.

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 by Jamie Bytheway
, posted on 10 Mar '20

How can universities support schools to implement all of the Gatsby Benchmarks?

Employers aren’t the only people who can support you to implement the Gatsby benchmarks - universities can too! This blog will tell you how, with information on how support can be provided with each of the eight benchmarks.

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 by Kat Knight
, posted on 25 Feb '20

A school and college guide to writing UCAS university application references for students

The recent changes to qualifications have given even more importance to the UCAS reference and their role in a student’s application. Here, I will provide some top tips for school and college staff who are asked to support a students application with a reference.

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 by Jessica Cook
, posted on 13 Feb '20

A school perspective on university liaison – my top tips for universities supporting schools with Gatsby 7

Thanks to the Gatsby Benchmarks, careers in schools is now high on the priority list. In this blog, we will share five tips for universities on how they can best support schools to meet benchmark 7.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 6 Feb '20

How to support students to make post-16 option choices with university in mind – my top tips for schools

Most schools are starting their university engagement by the end of Year 9. This is likely to include students receiving advice on the importance of making post-16 option choices with one eye on university. That advice may come during Year 10 or towards the start of Year 11. This blog will provide some top tips.

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 by Rebecca Bowen
, posted on 24 Jan '20

My Top tips - how can your school or college effectively engage with a university

Most universities have a team of enthusiastic and friendly staff who are able to offer a range of services to support schools and colleges whilst preparing students for higher education - as well as staff who will be willing to travel to you. This blog will provide advice on how to access it!

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 by Kat Knight
, posted on 15 Jan '20

A school and college guide to the different types of university courses students may be considering

There are over 35,000 courses available for your students to consider when making their university choices. It’s not just the course name and content that students must get their head around; they’ll also need to understand the different types of courses, the length of a course and what each choice would mean for them as well. This blog will talk you through it.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 2 Jan '20

A new year reminder - how UniTasterDays can help school and careers colleagues to build university links (inc Gatsby Benchmark 7) during 2020!

University information, advice, and guidance is essential in secondary schools. The Gatsby benchmarks, support for the NCOP initiative, the appointment of Careers Leaders in every school and the overarching Careers strategy are all ways to support the importance of this. This blog will introduce how UniTasterDays can help with it.

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