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by Melissa Grindon

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posted on 29 Jun '22

A school and college guide to university accommodation: where will a student live whilst at university?

Settling in at university and growing to create memorable experiences will happen in every student’s life, so it is important for applicants to make an informed choice as to which accommodation option best fits in with their individual financial circumstances, personal preferences and lifestyle.

In order to make this process as smooth and as easy as possible, it is worth your students researching the different options available in advance of the application process and exploring all possible types of accommodation on offer within each institution of interest.

Tips to share with your students when considering university accommodation

The first step is to find out the accommodation options each institution has to offer. Opportunities such as open days, applicant events and campus tours are the perfect chance to explore this.

University staff often appoint student ambassadors to show prospective students around campus, and therefore it is a great way to gain a true insight into campus life and the accommodation which would be best for each individual.

Private accommodation

As well as campus accommodation, there is also the option of private halls of residence. These are often located in the same town or city, or very close to campus.

It is important to consider that these can have additional costs and may have completely different contracts to residential halls within the university campus.

It is also useful to take a note of the length of time these rooms are available for. For example, most accommodation contracts may run during the term time only, but some allow students to stay throughout the summer months too - this could be ideal for international applicants, or students who choose to live away from home for the entire academic year.

Financial preparation is key in this whole process, so it is a good idea for applicants to plan ahead regarding student finance or perhaps scholarship opportunities they are entitled to - in this case, how much of a maintenance loan or bursary they are given. In addition to this, saving ahead of time is also a great investment for students, as it allows for easier budgeting of rent and utility costs in the long term.

It is also worth noting that many universities ask for a deposit ahead of the term, which they will return at the end of the academic year, should no damages be made to the facilities. This cost will vary - but may range from £100- £200.

Of course, the application and selection process of university should be fun and exciting, so rest assured that each student will be going through the same stages when choosing their accommodation.

Planning and preparation will keep the application process steady and simplify it in the long term - which hopefully will pay off on move-in day!

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