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by Grant Cullen

UK Student Recruitment

posted on 21 May '18

More than insight: How schools can build relationships with Universities that work for all

Guest blog by Grant Cullen from UK Student Recruitment at Edinburgh Napier University

Creating opportunity, facilitating transition and delivering aspiration is a regular occurrence for University student recruitment and widening access teams. Part of this process is to work with Schools and Colleges to make this happen. This collaboration is integral for the University to build reputation, market credentials and ultimately gain student numbers.

From a School and College point of view providing an institution a platform to deliver a message be it higher education evening, presentation or workshop gives motivation to students and provides a platform to introduce a University.

Is a school and university relationship balanced?

What else can Schools and Colleges gain from a University that would allow them to deliver their educational objectives, support the transitional period and provide guidance to students?

Building a relationship to benefit the development and support curriculum delivery, mentorship and delivering initiatives relating to STEM, gender, professions, experience, independent learning should be reciprocal for all. What can the School gain?

Is there a resource missing from School that a University could facilitate to boost curriculum delivery? Is there a component of the curriculum that can be enhanced or delivered in another way or could the University deliver material for the School to emphasis or build on what has been delivered.

Universities provide resource and knowledge that can foster and enrich School and College activity and collaboration as an initiative or project with input and ideas for all is an opportunity to work to a common goal.

How can this be achieved?

Discussing with a University or Universities what you wish to achieve for your students and exploring what can work for all is a great starting point. There is no set method and Schools and Colleges may have different objectives but ultimately have one goal, supporting students.

Building a key contact or series of key contacts is a great opportunity to ensure you can get the required information and support for students during the period of choosing and applying. Having that go to person to discuss an Individual or seek advice for students with personal statements, entry requirements and access pathways is a great way to get the right Information to make the right choice.

Let’s talk.

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