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by Rebecca Breen

Student Recruitment Officer at the University of South Wales

posted on 10 Apr '23

A guide to studying in Wales

Students living outside of Wales may have already had the opportunity to visit Wales for a summer holiday, or weekend break, but they may not be familiar with the differences and advantages of studying their degree at one of the seven universities situated in Wales.

Below are some of the reasons students choose to study in Wales each year - which you may wish to share with your students:

Making the most of university life

With the sheer variety of things to do, see, and experience across our university locations, there is something for everyone in Wales.

Students can try their hand at surfing, swimming or relaxing on one of Wales’s sandy beaches. Or even cycling, horse riding, hiking in the mountains, experiencing some live music, or exploring the 600 castles dotted around the country. There are certainly plenty of activities for students to take part in, and fun things to do during their spare time whilst studying at a Welsh university.

For those adrenaline-fuelled students, who are seeking a more adventurous pastime, Wales is home to many attractions such as Cardiff International White Water, Newport’s Velodrome or Zip World, all easily accessible to students through excellent rail and road links.

Whether students are looking for a vibrant city centre location, or a more tranquil, slower-paced, countryside environment to immerse themselves in whilst studying their undergraduate degree, Wales is full of inspiring contrasts. From the buzz of the cities, the beauty of the coast, and the calm of the countryside, students in Wales can experience it all!

Low cost of living

With the average cost of living in Wales being lower than the UK average, students will certainly have more money in their pockets to enjoy their time in Wales.

Welsh NHS Bursary

I always encourage students to extensively research any additional funding which may be available to them, to help them make those all-important informed university decisions. For example, if students are successful in securing a place at a Welsh university to study an allied health care profession such as nursing, medicine, dentistry, paramedic science or operating department practice, among others, they would be eligible to apply for the Welsh NHS bursary, to cover university fees and maintenance costs. This could mean that students studying an NHS-funded course at a Welsh university could leave university after their three-year degree, with little or no student debt (terms and conditions apply). More information relating to this bursary can be found on the Welsh NHS Bursary webpage.

Learn a new language

When talking to prospective students at careers fairs, we are often asked if students must speak Welsh when studying at a Welsh university. The answer to this question is no. However, students often enjoy picking up a few basic, useful phrases along the way, whilst studying in Wales, and many of our universities will offer opportunities for students to learn Welsh if they wish to do so.

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