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by George Kenyon

Student Recruitment Officer at The University of Law

posted on 5 Sep '22

A guide to why your students might consider university

The applications for under 18’s to university has continued to rise, and during a time when universities are coming under increased scrutiny, this has continued the age-old question, why do students consider university? In this blog, I will introduce you to a variety of reasons why university is an attractive prospect for students.

University increases job prospects

There has been a lot of talk by politicians who wish to analyse universities through the ‘earning potential’ of their degrees. Whilst there always needs to be accountability, it cannot be denied that graduates with a First or Upper Second-Class degree do increase their chances to earn more than those without a degree, with men being £130,000 better off and women £100,000 better off over their lifetime (IFS, 2020).

Recruiters in the professional sector continue to look to graduates to fill their higher skilled vacancies, therefore a student who wishes to work in scientific research, the property market, financial services, marketing, and many more, will all see their job prospects and earning potential increase with a university degree.

The student experience

University isn’t just about the potential for long-term financial and professional gain but is also about the student experiencing freedom and opportunities that may have never been available to them before.

We have all seen the coming-of age films based at leafy American university campuses and the down-to-earth student TV series such as the Manchester based Fresh Meat. These introduce students to the exciting, chaotic, and fun side of student life. Students are excited by the freedom that university provides them.

When applying to university, students will look at a variety of factors outside of their course, such as the location of their chosen university, the nightlife, the clubs, and societies they can join which provides their very own coming-of-age experience, making university and student life an attractive prospect.

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Personal Growth

Students considering university will also be motivated by the journey they will soon embark on including the lessons learnt, opportunities provided to them and the life skills that they will gain.

For students who are planning on moving away for university, the chance to live independently for the first time is an exciting yet slightly daunting prospect. They will be motivated to demonstrate that they can carry out tasks associated with adult life, such as cooking their own meals, managing their own shop, and looking after their own budget. This will allow them to grow into their adult responsibilities all within the safety of the university bubble.

Passion for a subject

Students will often consider university because of their passion and interest for a course. University gives students a chance for a more in-depth study of a subject that they enjoy and being taught by experts and learning alongside students with a shared interest is a great motivator. Whilst many degrees and universities are judged on their employability statistics, it is important not to forget that student’s needs to enjoy their time at university - and studying a subject that they are passionate about is key to this.

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