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by Erin Tungate

Student Recruitment Officer - UK & Europe at King's College London

posted on 11 May '22

How schools and colleges can support students making their Post-16 course choices

Offering support at post-16 level means being ready to facilitate a wide range of possibilities when it comes to higher education. One of the best ways to support students is by providing enough resources and information so that each of your students can make their decisions confidently. Here are some tips on how to tackle a couple of the fundamental questions students may ask you.

Making post-16 option choices with university in mind

Making sure that students know their A Levels from their BTEC Diplomas and BTEC Certificates is the first step to making the right decision when it comes to picking their subjects at further education level. You can make sure they have time with a tutor or post-16 dedicated class to view and share resources, ask questions and discuss their plans with a teacher or their fellow students.

For those still unsure of the course they would like to study at university, or the job they would like to do afterwards, you can encourage them to keep their options open by studying a range of subjects, whilst other students may have a clearer idea and will need individual guidance on how to best succeed. Either way, relating further education courses to post-16 options is a great way to encourage students to start thinking about what subjects might be right for them to choose.

University events and visits

Arranging visits from universities is a great opportunity for your school or college groups to ask staff questions and speak directly with current university students.

Universities take part in many visits. From smaller, focused talks, to larger events like higher education fairs or UCAS events. Talks on topics like UCAS applications, personal statements and student finance are always popular, but many universities can deliver talks and workshops on lots of different areas depending on your students’ needs.

To help students make the most of these sessions, schools and colleges can help by creating a space to promote resources and events hosted by universities. This space could be used to demonstrate the different types of events and their purpose, as well as being a hub for upcoming in-person events and online opportunities for students to experience what university is like.

Universities will be able to deliver talks and workshops at schools, either in-person or online, and some will be attending higher education fairs and exhibitions in the coming months.

You will be able to find out more on their websites or by getting in contact directly. Some universities will also have a wide range of online resources readily available for students to access in their own time.

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