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by Lydia Greenhalgh

Content Officer at the University of Kent

posted on 1 Nov '21

Why should your students consider university?

Gone are the days of limited post-18 pathways. From apprenticeships to full-time work, gap years and further college study - it’s no surprise that students find themselves at a crossroad of future options, trying to navigate the best route.

They might ask you ‘what’s special about going to uni?’ Whilst the answer to that is never the same for every student, higher education offers an unrivalled wealth of opportunity that extends beyond their years as an undergraduate.

To support the conversations with your students, here are my main ‘pros’ for considering university:

They can study what excites them

Studying for a degree allows students to explore niche areas within their subject and helps them get to the nitty-gritty of what they love. By taking ownership of their learning, and tailoring their module choices, they can also become an expert in their field of study.

What’s more, they may learn from academics who contribute to some of the most progressive research in the world, are leading thinkers in their discipline and have years of experience in both teaching and industry.

It’s a career springboard

Having a degree unlocks doors to exciting and fulfilled futures. By achieving a higher-level qualification, students are more likely to have greater earning power throughout their working life and a wider pool of opportunities than non- graduates.

To boost graduate employability, some universities leave the textbooks behind and teach their students using industry-standard facilities and real-life learning environments. These spaces provide an opportunity for students to apply their learning and use the technologies or methods that they will come across in their chosen careers.

As part of their degree, they could also consider taking a sandwich year to either work or study abroad. Both experiences are valuable for gaining new skills and exploring different career paths.

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There are personal perks too

The social hive and autonomy of student life is a totally unique experience. There is no other post-18 destination where your students could be learning about their favourite subject at 10am, playing lacrosse by 2pm and heading to a social by 5pm!

University provides the ultimate level of independence. Students can explore new social spheres, try out different hobbies, travel abroad and even change where they call ‘home’ for years to come. So rather than seeing university as a daunting prospect, get them thinking about all the exciting unknowns – who will they meet? Where will they live? How will university change their path?

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to life after school or college. With lots of online and on-campus events available, now is an exciting time for your students to consider what comes next and which options feel right for their future.

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