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by Melissa Grindon

Employment Officer at Liverpool Hope University

posted on 17 Jul '21

A school and college guide to why students should consider university

In the final years of school or sixth form college, a question students may ask is should I go to university? Many students can feel afraid and uncertain in making this big decision, and often are reliant solely upon advice and support from their teachers, especially if they are the first in their family to make a university application.

Each student will have their own reasons for considering university, but here are some reasons why you may wish to encourage your students that university participation may be a great choice for them.

Key reasons why students may wish to consider university

1. An opportunity to study a single or combined honours subject they are passionate and excited about

One of the most rewarding benefits of university is that the student can gain more knowledge in their field of interest, advancing and specialising as they move forward throughout their degree. Encouraging students to dig deep and find their enthusiasm for what excites them can ultimately lead to a successful and rewarding university experience.

2. A chance to grow in independence and gain life experience.

Along with academic learning and opportunity, university offers so much for students regarding life experience. Moving to a city, regardless of how far away it is or how large the university may be, can still be daunting. However, university life moves quickly, and with an array of activities and welcome sessions, the settling in process comes fast, and the real-life learning can begin.

3. Career opportunities.

One of the key reasons students may consider university is the promise of greater job prospects and career development. University encourages students to network and seek experience, perhaps working towards placement and internship opportunities. This actively builds confidence and encouragement, working up until graduation, and the career opportunities that follow. A degree is truly an investment, but for a lifetime of better job opportunities, it is one worth considering.

Remember - university does not just offer a degree, but many kinds of education.

For some students, university is not something they wish to pursue, and they may go on an alternative path which can still bring them the same amount of success and adventure. Yet, undeniably for others, their university years are truly rewarding and will help them shape both the person they are – and the career they go on to do, far beyond the degree they graduate with.

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