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by Jon Cheek


posted on 8 May '19

An introduction to university conferences for teachers and advisers

Universities nationwide will host teacher and adviser conferences throughout the year - but based on the number of events being added to UniTasterDays, and the emails I am receiving, the summer seems to be the most popular time for them!

I am also attending as many as I can, to present the findings of the UniTasterDays National Review of University Guidance Survey.

In the main, attending these events will equip you with the information, advice and guidance (IAG) to take back to school to prepare your students for entry into higher education and their future higher education decisions, as well as including the opportunity to network and share best practice with IAG colleagues and university experts

What will a university Teachers and Advisers conference include?

Each conference will be different, and you will find information on the website beforehand, so you can see the content before booking your place. The biggest difference is likely to be on the event being over a day, or a couple of days as a residential - often with free accommodation.

They will include talks by engaging university speakers, the opportunity to tour a university campus and sometimes even practical sessions for your subject or keynote talks from leading sector experts.

Events may also include information on university entry requirements, graduate outcomes, student finance and the impact of sector changes – for example the National Collaborative Outreach Programme, which you may know from one of our previous blogs or recent university communications.

Group presentation at a Teachers and advisers conference

Who are university teacher and adviser conferences aimed at?

Conferences will be aimed at a number of roles in your school, from sixth form heads and careers leaders/advisers to support staff, subject tutors and curriculum leaders. It is all about supporting students, and providing information about university to you, the very people who advise students about their options on a daily basis. That would include new and experienced practitioners advising students about post-16 education.

As you are reading this blog on a university events website, you will be exactly the people the conference organisers will seek to reach!

How much do they cost?

Most teachers’ conferences are free, and can even include additional benefits – such as free accommodation - but do check each one for all the details. Two events which jump out which UniTasterDays currently are advertising are a residential event at the University of East Anglia in June and another residential style event at Durham University in July. But there will be many many more. Do keep an eye out!

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