How can UniTasterDays help teachers and careers colleagues?

An outline of support for school colleagues

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You are our primary audience. We were created in 2012 with you in mind, and we have been developing resources every year since, to support you when you raise awareness of university with your students, and work towards the Gatsby Benchmarks at the same time.

Your support may be in conversations, tutorials, or attending events – whatever it is, we are here to help.

Why is this important?

There are two reasons why university guidance is crucial. One is that you, as a teacher or careers colleague, have a huge influence on the young person you are supporting.

And the second, is that students have big decisions ahead of them when thinking about university - and they need your help when exploring them. Questions may include:

  • Do they want to go to university?
  • Which university do they want to attend?
  • Which subject do they want to study?

Then, those answers may lead to more questions:

  • What is involved in their university application?
  • How do they write a personal statement?
  • How does student finance work?
  • Where will they live during their studies?
  • What support is available at university?

UniTasterDays can help when supporting students with the answers. You can:

  • Search university events for your school groups – including visits to a university, or organising for a higher education institution to visit you! If you can’t find the support you’re seeking on the event search pages, you can request event assistance directly from universities.
  • Watch impartial on demand webinars with your school groups, or encourage students to watch these directly. These introduce a huge range of university subjects. Covering what to expect, careers, applications and more. From Accounting to Zoology - with 100s of subjects in between!
  • Listen to the teachers’ podcast, providing listeners with cutting edge and up-to-date information and conversations to provide excellent support to those considering university. Without the jargon and from the lived experience of everyone involved in the process.
  • Download the Teachers’ Guide to University brochure. Which includes the key higher education facts to provide exceptional support to students – and features editorial from over 50 expert practitioners.
  • Browse school and college university resources. Including posters, and university content for digital display screens.
  • Prepare your students for university by reading advice blogs, with the content provided by university experts.
  • Or simply stay up to date with university by registering for email updates. With event updates for your students, and information about all our new school and college resources!