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Art, Media and Design is an incredibly diverse field of study that provides students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of creative disciplines. With a degree in this area, students could have a career in fields such as advertising, animation, architecture, and fashion design. This broad subject area also allows for potential specialisation into specific areas such as graphic design, photography or video production.

Studying Art, Media and Design at university will give students the knowledge and understanding to develop their creative skillset and prepare them for future employment opportunities. They may gain an understanding of how these disciplines work together to create compelling visuals and stories that engage audiences. They will also learn from experienced practitioners who can offer guidance on what works best in different contexts whilst helping students develop their own unique style. With access to cutting-edge technology, resources and facilities, Art Media & Design degrees provide a great foundation for launching a successful career in the creative industry.

Universities host many events in the Art, Media and Design subject areas, for students, school colleagues and parents and guardians. You can browse these here.

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