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If students are thinking of studying a degree in Mathematical and Computer Sciences, they can expect to think critically and solve complex problems, potentially using mathematical techniques, algorithms, and data structures.

This broad set of skills is highly sought after for many different job roles. Throughout the course, students may learn a variety of topics such as calculus, linear algebra or discrete mathematics from the mathematical side, or software engineering, databases or operating systems from the computer science side. There is also usually an opportunity to specialise in one specific area depending on their interests.

Studying for this type of degree requires dedication and hard work but it can be very rewarding. As part of the course, students may have access to industry-standard software tools which can help prepare them for working life. During their studies there may also be opportunities to take part in internships or research projects which could give students valuable experience that employers look out for when recruiting graduates. All in all, studying a degree in Mathematical and Computer Sciences is an excellent way to gain knowledge that has real world applications while developing important problem-solving skills that are highly sought after by employers across many industries.

Universities host many events in the Mathematical and Computer Sciences subject areas, for students, school colleagues and parents and guardians. You can browse these here.

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