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Build Your Own Lego Colorimeter is a workshop born out of the increasing concern surround the “black box problem” among KS5 and first year undergraduate science students. at Higher Horizons+

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Build Your Own Lego Colorimeter

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Event Summary:

Build Your Own Lego Colorimeter is a workshop born out of the increasing concern surround the “black box problem” among KS5 and first year undergraduate science students.

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Full Event Details:

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With the continual advancement in scientific technologies, operating complex science equipment has become as simple as pressing a couple of buttons and waiting for the machine to display a value. Unfortunately, this does not allow the operator to fully appreciate the underlying science that affords them the luxury of a “click and read” process.

By removing this “black box” and unveiling what is going on, as well as giving the students a chance to physically build and test their own colorimeter, it is envisaged that the students will gain a deeper and broader understanding of the underlying physics and chemistry principles and remove the veil of “mystery” that often surrounds such scientific equipment.

This session can be delivered at your school/college or can be delivered in The School of Chemical & Physical Science at Keele University.

Available upon request throughout the year.

Number of Students?
Suitable for groups from 10 – 30 students.

Year Group:
Y10, Y11, Y12 and Y13

Resources required:

PowerPoint facilities
Layout where students can sit around tables in groups (pairs)
Ideally a room where it can be made relatively dark (blinds/curtains etc.)

Suitable For:

Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 4 (Students aged 14-16)
Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)


Short Session

Dates Available:

We can deliver this event at our institution or your school or college. Please contact us to arrange a date.

Minimum number of students:


Institution Profile:

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How much will the new Outreach Activity cost your school?
All activity delivered by Higher Horizons+ is funded by the government, via the Office for Students, including transport costs. We also have bursaries available to help cover the cost of cover supervisors in school when you attend our outreach events off site.

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If you would like to find out more about the programme and request activity you can contact us via:

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The Unify Summer School, for Year 10s, is learner sign up. They can access information here: higherhorizons.co.uk/unify

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