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Mathematics: What happens when the 'Millennium Falcon' jumps to light speed

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Mathematics subject taster

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What happens when the `Millennium Falcon' jumps to light speed?

How did Einstein predict that fast spaceships appear distorted to observers on the ground? Why does a clock run at different rates according to its speed, relative to the observer? In this interactive and challenging masterclass with Dr Mark Cooker, from the School of Mathematics, you will explore what ordinary relativity is. Thinking about motion, and how it looks differently to different observers, will be illustrated with the help of falling drops of water and following this, you will do your own calculations to answer some of these questions. As well as experiencing what it would be like to be taught maths at degree level, you will have the opportunity to meet current maths students.

Wednesday 27 February
1-3pm, £5, Year 12

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Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)
Individuals (Enquiry not required to be through a school)


Short Session

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