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Bring your students to our 'Higher Education Awareness Day' (HEAD) for a variety of taster sessions in this area, and discussion about studying at university. These events allow for students to get to talk to actual academics to get a real feel for the course. at Buckinghamshire New University

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Higher Education Awareness Day For Business, Law, Music, Sports and Travel

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Bring your students to our 'Higher Education Awareness Day' (HEAD) for a variety of taster sessions in this area, and discussion about studying at university. These events allow for students to get to talk to actual academics to get a real feel for the course.

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Our Higher Education Awareness Days (HEAD) allow for students that are about to embark on the next step of their education to experience what university is really like.

These days will include sessions focusing on the application side of going to university ranging from personal statement writing and what universities look for in an applicant to applying for student finance and what they provide. Academics will on hand to give talks and presentations into what the course involves and what successful students can move onto career wise.

Our Law HEAD will allow students to see what an exciting and challenging but equally rewarding course Law actually is. Academics will show that Law affects everyone everyday and that there is something for everyone to study. There will be current students on hand to demonstrate the benefits of doing a law degree including joining our very own Law Society.

Our Business HEAD allows students to see how exciting business can be. With academics on hand to demonstrate different areas of the ever-growing business sector there will be something for everyone. Whether the students want to know about the workings of Business from a management side of things or whether they wish to learn about how to promote a Business in the best light through Public Relations. Current students will be on hand to share their own experiences whether they were in the classroom or outside.

Our Sports HEAD will allow students to see that even though they may not be able to play their favourite sports professionally that there are still a wide range of avenues that they can pursue to break into the area. Our academics will show that the sports industry is an ever growing commercial industry that relies on many more people then are actually seen in the public eye. These positions range from coaching staff to sports psychologists and all are required to ensure this fast paced industry continues evolving. Current students from all walks of sporting avenues will be available to talk to share their comments about their course and the sports available at the university.

Our Music HEAD will allow students to see how diverse the music industry truly is, and how a love for music can lead to one of the most rewarding jobs available today. Academics will show that the music industry is fast-paced and highly creative which allows for almost total free reign when studying. The music industry requires skilled workers in production roles along with event organising and artist management. Academics along with current students will show how diverse studying music really is and that there is a course for everyone if they want to study music.

Our Travel HEAD will allow students to see the exciting options that are available to them in regards to what can be studied and what career prospects are available. The travel industry is continually expanding which makes it an extremely lucrative industry to enter. This could range from being a simple tour representative to being a fully qualified commercial pilot. Academics and current students will be on hand to show what the courses have given them and how it has left them in the perfect position after university.

As well as talks by both academics and students there will also be a chance to see the facilities that the university has to offer and the social side of university to give the students a rounded picture of what being a student is truly like.

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