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Should you invest in a University degree and what difference could it make to your future career and earning potential? at Buckinghamshire New University

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Should I go to university? Yes

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Should you invest in a University degree and what difference could it make to your future career and earning potential?

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This presentation provides an introduction for students who are wondering if studying at university is right for them. It provides an overview of things to think about when selecting a degree and a university as well as highlighting some of the transferable skills that university will enable students to develop.

This short 20 minute presentation will be followed by a chance for virtual Q&A

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Students will be provided with information on the various types of qualifications available to study at university and we will identify the qualifications needed and the choices to be made to reach their goals.

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Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 2 (Students aged 7-11)
Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 3 (Students aged 11-14)
Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 4 (Students aged 14-16)
Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)
Individuals (Enquiry not required to be through a school)


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Schools & Colleges Outreach

Our Schools and Colleges Outreach team is here to help learners, parents and carers understand what’s involved with university study. We run events, talks, campus visits and workshops focusing on raising awareness, aspirations and attainment.

Our activities can be tailored, are designed to be flexible, and we offer a choice of locations to work around your needs. By working together with schools and colleges, we can help give learners the information and inspiration to make informed choices about their future.

Creating an academic link
If you’d like to link up with one of our academic departments, we’d be very happy to hear from you. Please contact us to explore ways that we can help your learners’ progress.

Widening participation
We are committed to widening participation. We firmly believe that everyone who has the potential to benefit from higher education should get the opportunity to study.

We’re here to support bright, talented young people to succeed at school and college, whatever their social or financial background. We can help them think realistically about how university could boost their prospects.

We are proud of our track record for raising people’s aspirations and helping them get results and move towards their goals. We have a wide experience of helping learners in groups that are normally under-represented in higher education.

Our work is targeted to involve students from lower income families, postcodes where fewer people go on to university, young people in care and disabled students.

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