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Life, the Universe and Everything - Philosophy taster course at Heythrop, University of London at University of London

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Philosophy taster course at Heythrop, University of London

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Life, the Universe and Everything - Philosophy taster course at Heythrop, University of London

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If you think the answer to this is more than just 42 then this course in Philosophy grapples with the fundamental issues which lie behind our everyday thoughts and activities, and explores the things we too often take for granted. Scholars have studied philosophy for well over two thousand years. This course will address this history and in just four sessions give you a taster of what it might be to learn how to think, argue, analyse and interpret at a high level. Lectures will include;
" Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder
" The Value of Knowledge - is it a Good Thing?
" The Four Frameworks of Western Philosophy
" God and Evil - Does God exist? Does the existence of any evil demonstrate that there can be no omniscient, omnipotent and supremely good God?
" Must we choose between Liberty and Equality?

It will also be possible to have a tour of campus and to meet and mingle with staff and students from the courses, over the lunch hour. A more detailed programme of the day(s) will be available from our web site.

This taster course is open to year 11 and year 12 students or anyone who is thinking of starting their undergraduate studies in September 2014. No prior knowledge is assumed.

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Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)
Individuals (Enquiry not required to be through a school)


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