A higher education update for students considering university from 2021 entry onwards. Will entry be more competitive? How to prepare? Featuring the University of Bath.

01 September 2020 at 12:00

A guide for students considering applying to university during the 2021-22 academic year and those supporting them.

Robbie Pickles
Head of Undergraduate Student Recruitment, University of Bath

- How universities are supporting students during the current challenges and the teaching and assessment methods being used.

- How universities approached 2020-21 recruitment and the last minute challenges following A-Level results day.

- How students can find out more about university, without many universities offering their traditional on campus open events.

And two questions many students are asking.
1/ Will it be harder to get into university next year
2/ How to maximise the chances of receiving an offer for the first choice university!

This event includes Q&A opportunities.

Important note:

The live event is for post 16-students. Those aged 15 or under will have access to the event recordings which will be provided on this page as well, after the event.

Of course teachers, careers colleagues and support staff are very welcome to attend as well - for their own CPD purposes.

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