The UniTasterDays Teachers' Guide to University 2024

The key higher education facts for school & college colleagues. Featuring editorial from over 50 expert practitioners.

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The Teachers’ Guide has been produced by in collaboration with HELOA - to support the university guidance that is provided by teachers and careers colleagues in secondary schools and colleges.

Editorial has been provided by over 50 colleagues in the education sector, including experts at universities and higher education institutions throughout the UK.

Content in the Teachers' Guide includes sections exploring how schools can build university links, the student experience, university events, widening participation and university applications. It also includes the key student finance facts from Martin Lewis.

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The Teacher’s Guide is an invaluable resource for teachers and advisers across the UK because it really is a one-stop shop for some of that key information needed. With new students each year to support and changes to keep abreast of, the UniTasterDays team do an amazing job of canvassing the higher education sector for the best bits of information, advice and guidance that you need for the upcoming year.

HELOA are proud to support such a fantastic resource and a massive thank you to all of our members who have contributed either for the first time or again. Whilst many may see universities as competitors, we will always aim to ensure that students can make an informed choice about higher education utilising all resources available to them, especially their trusted teachers and advisers!

Reena Kaur

The Career Development Institute is delighted to support the 2024 UniTasterDays Teachers’ Guide to University.

The world of work is increasingly dynamic and the pathways to gain the skills needed to progress in your career can appear confusing and complex, so high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance is critical in helping young people decide on the next stage of their education and training. University continues to be one of the key pathways to gaining those skills and this guide from UniTasterDays offers fantastic support to schools and colleges in strengthening their university links.

David Morgan
Chief Executive, The Career Development Institute

Decisions about studying at University are ever more critical, given the financial as well as the personal investment students are required to make. Teachers and Year Tutors are a vital source of information and advice for young people and the Teachers’ Guide to University brochure is a valuable resource in ensuring students are well equipped for their choice of where and what to study.

Katharine Horler OBE
Executive Director, Careers England

As always, the Teachers' Guide sets out all the advice and guidance that you need to know for your students regarding the opportunities offered by HE; how to navigate its application systems; and the student support on offer, particularly pertinent for those who are disadvantaged.

The Guide is very comprehensive, including current, relevant, key advice from experts within and outside the HE sector – providing teachers with crucial information in an ever-changing HE scenario. This will greatly assist you in exploring and navigating what is a complex and shifting HE scene but one from which undergraduates have so much to gain. From increasing subject knowledge and understanding, to opening up careers opportunities - graduates inevitably go on to describe their University time as ‘life-changing’.

Read the Guide for reliable, trustworthy and positive information. Take with a tin of salt the incessant talk from politicians and the media about: student debt burden; ‘rip-off degrees’; ‘mickey-mouse degrees’; and poor graduate employability. So many degrees are the main or sole gateway to careers, in for example, engineering, law, medicine, the media or science-based jobs.

Finally, amidst all this bewildering choice it is important that your students use this Guide to take every opportunity in finding and choosing the right degree and the right experience for them; and discovering, where appropriate, the wide support available for disadvantaged students.

Let’s remind ourselves continually that the University experience also offers a great space for young adults to establish their independence; grow and develop; and get the unparalleled chance to mix with a diverse range of people - all the time acquiring and soaking up new information and knowledge and developing useful critical ways of thinking. As Director of Action on Access, I enthusiastically recommend this Guide.

Andrew Rawson
Director, Action on Access

A special thanks to the below institutions for their kind contributions:

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