A guide to studying Data Science at university - including what to expect, reasons to consider it, application tips and careers. Featuring the University of Sheffield.

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On Demand Webinars

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Data Science and Big Data at University

Featuring: Paul Clough, Professor of Search and Analytics at the University of Sheffield

Hosted by:
Jon Cheek, Founder and Director, UniTasterDays.com

What to expect, and when?

02:33 - What is Data Science?
06:38 - How Data Science has been used in our history and how Data Science is evolving.
11:50 - What can Data Science do? How is Data Science used in business and organisations today?
16:14 - The role of Data Science during the Covid 19 pandemic
17:19 - Why study Data Science at university?
18:47 - What skills are needed and will be developed on a Data Science university course?
24:25 - What should you consider when choosing a university Data Science course?
26:41 - How is Data Science taught at university? What will you study on a Data Science university course?
31:00 - What are the jobs and career opportunities for Data Science university graduates?
35:22 - Tips for students who are interested in Data Science and Big Data courses at university

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