A guide to studying Nursing at university - and training for a nursing career. What to expect, application tips and more. Featuring the University of Lincoln.

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A guide to studying Nursing at university.

Paul Bates, Senior Lecturer and Advanced Nurse Practitioner at the University of Lincoln

Hosted by:
Jon Cheek, Founder and Director, UniTasterDays.com

What to expect, and when?

02:07 - What is nursing? What skills and knowledge will be gained through a nursing degree course?
08:18 - What fields of nursing are taught in a nursing degree course? How are nursing courses taught and assessed?
12:06 - Application tips and entry criteria for nursing university courses
14:05 - What are the career opportunities for nursing graduates?
17:36 - How resilience training, advice, help and support is provided to nursing students while at university or on placement.

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