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Teachers, careers colleagues and support staff: Download your FREE UniTasterDays Teachers' Guide to University brochure.

The Teachers’ Guide has been produced by in collaboration with HELOA - to support the university guidance that is provided in secondary schools and colleges.

Editorial has been provided by over 30 colleagues at universities throughout the UK, on topics including booking online university events, the Gatsby benchmarks, university CPD opportunities, arranging subject specific events and more.

Experts and celebrity names outside higher education have also supplied fantastic content, including Martin Lewis’s exclusive content on university fees and finance and graduate employability content from one of the UK's most successful business leaders, CEO of BT's Consumer Division, Marc Allera.

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We are unfortunately out of stock of the printed UniTasterDays Teachers' Guide to University brochures. You can still download your copy using the link above.

"Decisions about studying at University are ever more critical, given the financial as well as the personal investment students are required to make. Teachers and Year Tutors are a vital source of information and advice for young people and the Teachers’ Guide to University brochure is a valuable resource in ensuring students are well equipped for their choice of where and what to study."

Kieran Gordon - Executive Director, Careers England.
"The Career Development Institute is delighted to endorse the 2020 Teachers’ Guide to University brochure - at a time when high quality, independent and impartial information and personal careers guidance is more important than ever. This is just one of many great resources provided by UniTasterDays, to support schools and colleges with their university links"

Jan Ellis - Chief Executive, The Career Development Institute
"This year has been an unprecedented year in the higher education sector and has presented many challenges. Our HELOA members have come together and have developed innovative and creative ways to provide continued access to university advice and guidance not only to students, teachers and advisors, but also to the organisations that we support. Now more than ever it is important to ensure that students feel supported and empowered to make decisions about their future, and HELOA are pleased to continue to work with UniTasterDays in our shared mission to do just that."

Rebecca Hollington, UK Vice-Chair for Partnerships, HELOA
"The Guide clearly lays out higher education's offer, how to take up those opportunities, how to prepare your students, how to make contact with the right people in institutions, some of the pitfalls to look out for and some of what is currently going on around Covid-19. You can be confident that universities and colleges are accommodating and welcoming, endeavouring to do their best for all your students as well as giving specific help and support to enable those students that might need it to succeed whether they are socially disadvantaged, disabled or facing other barriers to success."

Andrew Rawson, Director, Action on Access

A special thanks to the below institutions for their kind contributions:

Career Development Institute
Careers England
The Education Resources Awards
Best use of Tech in Career Development
Shell LiveWIRE Winner
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