How can UniTasterDays help parents and guardians?

An outline of support for parents and guardians

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If you are on this page, you are likely to be supporting a young person considering university. Our job is to tool you up, so you have everything you need to provide exceptional support when doing so.

All sample groups felt that they, as parents, had the biggest influence over their child’s important education and career decisions

Parental Influence: the key role played by parents in their children’s decisions about routes and pathways post-18
GTI Media, July 2015

Why is this important?

There are two reasons why this is crucial. One is that you, as a parent or guardian, have a huge influence on the young person you are supporting.

And the second, is that students have huge decisions ahead of them when thinking about university - and they are likely to need your help with exploring them. These may include:

  • Do they want to go to university?
  • Which university do they want to attend?
  • Which subject do you they want to study?

Then, those answers may lead to more questions:

  • What is involved in their university application?
  • How do they write a personal statement?
  • How does student finance work?
  • Where will they live?
  • What support is available at university?

UniTasterDays can help with the answers:

  • Search university events for students and/or parents to experience university such as open days and taster days listed by universities UK-wide.
  • Watch impartial on demand webinars – introducing a huge range of university subjects. Covering what to expect, careers, applications and more. From Accounting to Zoology - and 100s of subjects in between!
  • Listen to the parent podcast, providing listeners with cutting edge and up-to-date information and conversations to provide excellent support to those considering university. Without the jargon and from the lived experience of everyone involved in the process.
  • Download the Parents’ Guide to University brochure. Which includes the key higher education facts for parents and guardians – and features editorial from over 40 expert practitioners.
  • Prepare the person you are supporting with what happens next by reading advice blogs, with the content provided by university experts.
  • Or simply stay up to date with university by registering for email updates.
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