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Biological Sciences

For prospective students interested in Biology, a degree in Biological Sciences can provide an exciting and rewarding educational experience. This field of study covers many areas of the natural world and offers a comprehensive understanding of the processes that shape life on earth. With courses ranging from genetics to ecology, cellular biology to zoology, microbiology to botany, and biochemistry to biotechnology, students can tailor their studies to suit their interests. A degree in Biological Sciences will equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career as a researcher or practitioner in this field.


Psychology is an ideal degree choice for those interested in human behaviour. Studying psychology provides an opportunity to explore why people think and act in certain ways, as well as develop essential skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking which are highly sought after by employers. They will have the chance to learn about various psychological theories related to topics such as memory, cognition, emotions and motivation whilst also gaining hands-on experience through practical exercises or placements with clinical settings or research projects. This fascinating field of study offers excellent career prospects both within academia and industry alike.


Sport is an increasingly popular subject at universities across the UK due to its wide range of career opportunities available upon graduation. As well as potentially developing their physical fitness during their studies, students will benefit from learning about various topics including health promotion, exercise physiology and performance analysis. With the opportunity to gain qualifications applicable not only within sporting organisations, but also other industries such as education or public health – studying sport at university could be just what students need for their future career success!

Universities host many events in the Biological Science, Psychology and Sport subject areas, for students, school colleagues and parents and guardians. You can browse these here.

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