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Studying for a university degree in Politics and Government can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of government, explore different political theories and ideologies, and gain insight into how laws are made.

The first step in considering a degree in Politics and Government is to research the options available at universities across the country. Different universities offer different degrees, so it’s important to find out which course suits their interests best. Courses may cover topics such as international relations, public policy, political theory, and law.

Students are likely to also have the option to choose modules that focus on particular aspects of politics or government, such as economics or philosophy. In addition to attending lectures, there may be plenty of independent learning activities, such as writing essays or reports on current events related to politics or government. Students may also have opportunities for practical experiences such as shadowing local politicians or working with organisations involved in policy-making.

A university degree in Politics and Government provides knowledge which can be applied to many areas beyond academia; it might open up job opportunities in think tanks, NGOs (non-governmental organisations), charities, media outlets, lobbying firms and more! With the right qualifications under their belt students could go on to work within national governments both in the UK or around the world.

Universities host many events in the Politics and Government subject areas, for students, school colleagues and parents and guardians. You can browse these here.

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