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Introducing The Uni Guide Podcast

Supporting students, teachers, careers colleagues and parents with all things university.

In this podcast series, we will be providing listeners with the cutting edge and most up-to-date information and conversations about university. In plain English, without the jargon, and from the lived experience of everyone involved in the process - including guest experts, current students and recent graduates.

We’ll cover topics including:

  • Why and how do students apply for university?
  • How much does university really cost?
  • How can students select a university course or institution?
  • How can they prepare for exams?
  • What do they need to know before starting their course?
  • And many more!

The Student Panel

Anton Springett

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Anton is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Kent.

He is a diligent and driven computer scientist, tackling some of the most robust and widely applicable programming languages on his course, including SQL, Java, HTML, CSS and more.

He is passionate about widening participation and outreach work and works as a student ambassador at the University of Kent.

Additionally, he is the first in his family to access university and hopes to provide support and guidance to both parents and teachers from his lived experience.

Emma Berwick

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Emma is a final year BSc International Business with French student and she recently completed a year abroad in France at Montpellier Business School.

She is a public speaker and recently spoke at the Universities UK conference on transitioning out of university and in the world of work and the challenges neurodiverse students face.

At university, Emma works as a student experience assistant as well as being involved in the sustainability committee.

A huge proponent for mentoring, Emma chairs the Brightside youth advisory board and has recently joined the UCAS student advisory group. Emma also volunteers with HeadUp!, an organisation supporting disabled secondary school students to navigate their studies.

Foujia Abdus Begum

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Foujia is a Year 13 Sixth Form student, studying A-levels in English Literature, Spanish, Politics, and Religious Studies. She will be studying Law at University from September 2024.

Passionate about educational equality, Foujia is a public speaker and a representative of the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition of 280 organisations united by their belief that no child’s success should be limited by their socio-economic background.

She is involved in various efforts to promote the rebalancing of the education system to value skills and wellbeing alongside attainment, and is an Ambassador for Migrant Leaders, as well as a volunteer mentor and debating coach.

Ishan Dwivedi

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Ishan is a Software Engineer, Drummer, and a keen traveller. He completed his studies at the University of Cambridge, where he studied Computer Science, in June 2023. He is now working is working as a Forward Deployed Software Engineer at Palantir Technologies in London.

During his time at University, he won scholarships for his musical ability and travelling. His YouTube channel documents his time at Cambridge and advises students on the application process.

Upon graduating, he spent several months travelling Europe, coaching students on their university and job applications, as well as a week working as a Computer Science ambassador with the Sutton Trust Summer School.

Jerry Ndi

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Jerry is a passionate and driven first-year student pursuing a degree in International Finance and Economics at Queen Mary University in London.

With a multifaceted approach to education and personal development, Jerry hosts the Jerry Exclusive podcast, where brilliant guests feature on topics including entrepreneurship and empowerment. As a dedicated tutor and budding entrepreneur, Jerry is committed to empowering individuals to reach their full potential. He is thrilled to be on the Uni Guide student panel, and looks forward to sharing experiences and insights with fellow students!

Leah Brooks

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Leah is a current medical student at the University of Sheffield. She was the first in her family to study at university.

Leah is on the committee for Future Frontline a non-for-profit organisation working to inspire and educate young people on the MDT within the NHS.

She recently starred in a YouTube video Open Mic: So You Want To Study Medicine

She has also worked closely with UCAS multiple times filming for their web series discussing university and medical school. She uses her social media platform @wellnessmedic, which has a combined following of over 3000 followers to advocate for mental health, widening participation and work-life balance.

Rosie Glover

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Rosie is a current Law Student at Durham University. She was the first in her family to attend university. She enjoys keeping fit with lifting, and has taken up Rowing at University!

Rosie is a Young Leader at The Brokerage, a social mobility organisation, participating in outreach events to inspire the next generation of leaders.

She is a Zero Gravity scholar, and has a keen interest in commercial law, as demonstrated by her work experiences with Clifford chance and Allen and Overy. Rosie also took part in the first TikTok work experience cohort in June 2023.

Rosie also supports the community through volunteering at an English Conversation Club for refugees, with Peppo, which also gave her tutoring for her A-Level Economics, something which she also gives back as a tutor now!

Producers and Presenters

Jon Cheek, Host

Connect with Jon on Linkedin

Jon is the Founder and Director of UniTasterDays Ltd. He has spent a career working in higher education, working for over ten years with three universities, followed by schools throughout the UK with UniTasterDays, which Jon established in 2012 to support effective school and college university engagement.

Jon has sat as an Executive Director of the Higher Education External Relations Association and is the editor of the annual Parents’ Guide to University and Teachers’ Guide to University brochures.

Jon is a huge advocate of university guidance and has been published by organisations including Which University, The CDI and National Careers Week.

Tim Roe, Producer

Connect with Tim on Linkedin

Tim is an experienced higher education widening access professional, with a passion and proven track record for delivering positive change to increase access and opportunity to those from underrepresented backgrounds.

As well as having a wealth of experience in the higher education sector, Tim is the UniTasterDays Uni Guide resident podcast specialist. This responsibility includes producing each episode - and keeping Jon on track!

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