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If you have events which are only offered to specific schools, you will not want to make this visible to all schools using, and subsequently attract interest from schools outside of your target market.

Instead, we offer a great school targeting tool. This ensures your events are only visible to the schools you wish to attract.


Here is how it works:

1. First, you identify your target schools by creating one or more school groups in our administration area (where you add your events). You can have as many groups as you like, and each group can contain anything from 1 to 1,000 schools in it. You may want a group for example for ‘student recruitment target schools’ and another separate group for ‘WP target schools’ etc.

2. Once the group is created, you add an event as normal. You just need to select the school group when adding the event details, in the section asking if the event is for specific groups.

3. Then, when a target school enters their details in the ‘My School Name’ section of the search, your targeted event (s) will display before all the non-targeted events available to them.

4. Once the group is created, you can also send targeted messages to these target schools as well, to provide additional exposure, and add as many targeted events as you wish using your school group (s).


And we don’t stop there. Our UniTasterDays connect listings tool, means you can even integrate this school targeting technology into your own website, as used by universities and HEFCE NNCO networks nationwide.


School targeting is included free with our premium subscription, Please contact us and we will get this set up for you.

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