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 by Fiona Curry
, posted on 15 Jan '21

A school and college guide to how universities can support you with subject specific events

Whether your students are considering their GCSE or Level 3 options - or deciding which university course or higher/degree apprenticeship they might want to consider, universities offer a wide range of subject experiences and events. They may even support you to meet Gatsby Benchmark 4, linking curriculum to careers in the process.

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 by Rebecca Foster
, posted on 6 Jan '21

The future of Post 16 qualifications - calling all Level 3 staff

Whilst understanding that now is a time of great stress and disruption to schools, I would like to bring to your that there is a very important government consultation on the future of post-16 qualifications at Level 3 in England taking place at present. This blog will tell you all about it.

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 by Chris Rogers
, posted on 28 Dec '20

A school and college guide to university decisions and offers

After the long process of students researching, visiting and applying to universities, they will begin to receive their offers. Here is a simple guide to what each offer means.

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 by Chris Mullen, Penny Dunne and Rebecca Barritt
, posted on 17 Dec '20

A school and college guide to effectively building links with a university

You’ve got an idea for a careers programme and you want University X to be part of it. You’ve not contacted them before, so where should you start? Here we’ll provide a few tips on the process.

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 by Jon Cheek
, posted on 9 Dec '20

A school and college guide to working in partnership with universities to support Gatsby Benchmark and Careers Guidance priorities

Since the Gatsby Benchmarks came to prominence in the government’s statutory careers guidance, they’ve become increasingly important in shaping school and college relationships with universities. This blog introduces how universities can help with all eight of them!

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 by Oliver Rossetti
, posted on 2 Dec '20

A school and college guide to arranging online and on-campus university events

I imagine it can seem daunting when thinking about how to organise events to support the university guidance you provide and achieving your Gatsby Benchmarks. You’re certainly not alone and as universities and other higher education institutions, we are here to help. This blog will show you how.

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 by Jessica Cook
, posted on 25 Nov '20

Top tips for schools when arranging virtual university events

School shutdown followed by lockdown #2 has been difficult for everyone. In the careers world, we have had to rewrite our whole school programme to run virtually and still give our students all the information they need to make informed decisions about their futures. This blog will share with you a few tips when organising your own university online events.

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 by Ashleigh Little
, posted on 13 Nov '20

How to support your students making post-16 choices with university in mind

The subjects chosen at post-16 level can have an impact on the degree students choose to study at university. Therefore, being able to support your students in choosing the right subjects at post-16 level is really important. This blog will provide a guide to how you can support students with this.

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 by Andrew Cooper
, posted on 26 Oct '20

A lockdown success story - the rise, and rise, of online events

This year has seen many changes - and university outreach is no different. One of the biggest advantages to colleagues in schools and colleges is the variety of online events. In this blog, I will introduce details of some lockdown success stories.

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 by Amy Shimmin
, posted on 15 Oct '20

A school and college guide to university opportunities in Scotland

There are sixteen universities in Scotland, plus the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Most of these universities are in the cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling. This blog provides an overview of all the opportunities university study in Scotland presents.

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