Missed the January UCAS deadline and still interested in university? What are your options now? Featuring the University of East Anglia.

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When is the UCAS Deadline?

The UCAS deadline is in January, except for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses and applications to University of Oxford and University of Cambridge - these have an earlier deadline of the preceding October.

What happens if you have missed the January UCAS deadline?

The UCAS deadline is in place to ensure that you have equal opportunities with anyone else that is applying. This means that universities are obliged to look at and consider your application in relation to all of the submissions they receive.

After this deadline you can still apply for courses that are remaining, but this will be on a first come, first served basis. Similar to anyone who has applied by the deadline, you will have the option to apply for five different courses and will go through the same procedure. This includes submitting your personal details, qualifications, a personal statement, student finance details and a reference from your school or college.

What happens when you submit an application after the UCAS deadline?

Once you have submitted your application, UCAS will forward it to each university you have applied to. The universities will review your application and respond with a range of offers.

If you receive a conditional offer, this means there are certain terms required for you to gain your place on the course, for example, BBB grades in your A-Levels.

An unconditional offers places no conditions on you, and essentially means you have secured a place at that university if you accept. There is also a change of course offer, which means that a university may offer you a course which is better suited to you, for example, the same course you applied for but with an additional foundation year.

In the event that you are rejected by the universities you have applied for, this does not mean you cannot go to university, there are further options available through UCAS Extra and clearing. This will allow you to find a course that is right for you with the support of your college tutors and admission staff.

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