Degree apprenticeships, university research and making the most of now! University guidance webinar with Edge Hill University, Pearson College London and the University of Leicester.

Event summary

This webinar is hosted by Jon Cheek, the Founder and Director of UniTasterDays who briefly introduced what the event is about; degree apprenticeships, university research and making the most of now. This is covered by three guest speakers: Chris Mullen, who is the Education Liaison Officer at Edge Hill University, Emily Lawrence who is a Student Recruitment and Outreach Assistant at Pearson College London and the final speaker is Oliver Rossetti, the Global Recruitment Officer at the University of Leicester.

Session 1: Top tips for making the most of now

Chris Mullen informs students on how to make the most of now, acknowledging that whilst we may be going through an unclear period, it is important to learn to adapt and turn negatives into positives with regards to university. He provides tips on developing important skills for university whilst at home - such as independent study, prioritisation, and deadlines, which all work towards growing your maturity. To truly develop your skills set, Chris explains why it is vital to set long-term goals, think ahead and envision what you hope to get out of this. Not only does this makes the work a lot easier but it also helps you to identify anything extra you need to be prepared to do. Everyone is at home and now is the perfect opportunity to get ready for university, explains Chris. He explores many of the things you could be working on ranging from starting a reading list for your university course, volunteering, ways to come around your lack of work experience and the benefits of online courses. More than ever now would be a great time to explore your virtual options, and Chris explains the range of things you could focus on with regards to university.

Session 2: A degree apprentices guide to degree apprenticeships

Emily Lawrence explains what degree apprenticeships are, the new route into higher education. She clarifies how these are different from a regular degree in terms of teaching, learning, holidays, and employability. She touches upon the advantages of doing a degree apprenticeship, but also the downsides to them as well which will help inform you if they are the right choice for you. Emily sheds light on the application process and highlights the top websites to explore for this, which will be really helpful if you are considering going down this route. Whilst they may be competitive courses, Emily provides tips on developing your application. She explains the length of a degree apprenticeship, the type of modules you will study, the ways you are assessed and the schemes which are available for you. Finally, she touches upon the career aspects of a degree apprenticeship and how this is a course which is beneficial in terms of academia and employability.

Session 3: Researching universities – where to start?

Oliver Rossetti speaks on the importance of researching universities, so you can pick the right course to study. He provides an overview of the application process and gives important guidance on narrowing down the best course of action for you through the consideration of a variety of factors such as looking at your strengths and your career goals. He explains why it is important to look in depth at the way same courses are taught at different universities and to have an insight into different modules. Not only is the university you choose important but also where it is located. There are many factors you will need to consider, and Oliver highlights the most important to think about. When researching universities, he suggests you explore the different types of universities available (and touches on what these are), as well as the different levels of help/guidance they will provide. Finally, he provides a useful, practical tip to narrow down which university will be the best option for you.

There were 131 registrations for the live event from students, teachers and school groups.

Session summary from Rubaya Zaman, a final year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham

Event Recorded: Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 12:00

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