An introduction to studying Art and Design at university. With Teesside University and Portfolio Advice from the University for the Creative Arts.

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On Demand Webinars

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This webinar is hosted by Jon Cheek, the Founder and Director of UniTasterDays. Guidance is provided for students to help them make good choices when considering university. The guest speakers for this event are Savannah Morey, the Regional Officer, South East and East at the University for the Creative Arts and Robert Burton, the Associate Dean (Academic) at MIMA School of Art and Design at Teesside University.

An introduction to the creative industries, including what to look out for when choosing to study at a creative university
Savannah introduces the creative industry through the many jobs it creates in the economy, and she highlights that this figure is growing year by year. There are many opportunities in the creative sector such as art director, architect, animator, UX designer and special effects. Employment in the region varies, explains Savannah, and she looks at the regions where creative industries are located.

She goes on to talk about the different pathways into the creative industry, the type of skills you develop on creative courses and whether it is the right course for you. Savannah touches on the financial side of university courses before ending on top tips for choosing the right university.

What to expect on an art and design university course
Robert talks about studying art and design at university and what you should expect to learn over the course of your degree. You will be a part of a wider community who works together on projects, communicating ideas in a shared space.

He explains how you will be experience different resources such as design studios, printmaking rooms, photography dark rooms, and using technology to learn about new software. Robert touches on the learning experience at university which will be based on a variety of ways such as live projects, portfolio reviews and educational visits.

These visits can be overseas and allow you to collaborate with others internationally. Finally, Robert speaks about how you will be taught by lecturers who are professional designers and artists and how you can gain work experience at university.

Session summary from Rubaya Zaman, a final year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham.

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