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This evening event will allow and encourage parents and students to learn everything they need to know about the university and student finance application process. at Aimhigher West Midlands

University Event

University and Student Finance Parents Info Evening

University event offered by Aimhigher West Midlands

Event Summary:

This evening event will allow and encourage parents and students to learn everything they need to know about the university and student finance application process.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is only available to certain schools

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Full Event Details:

This event will highlight the key facts about university and student finance to pupils and parents. The evening sessions will explore the application process, information on accommodation, university lifestyle and more.

Pupils and parents will have the opportunity to enjoy some free food whilst hearing from Aimhigher staff discuss the ins and outs of university and debunking any common myths surrounding higher education and student finance.

Year Group(s):
9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Gatsby Benchmarks:
2, 3, 7, 8

Learning Objectives (Linked to the Aimhigher Plus Progression Framework Learning Outcomes):
·         Feel motivated and confident to succeed in school (As 3.1)
·         Recognise the importance of succeeding at school (At 3.1)
·         Recognise that GCSE and post 16 qualifications are required to access HE (At 3.2)
·         Recognise how post 16 choices impact on future progression (Aw 4.1)
·         Understand the necessity of HE for progression to certain careers (Aw 4.2)
·         Recognition of the opportunities that may arise from attending HE (Ac 4.2)
·         Feel motivated and confident to succeed at Higher Education (As 5.1)
·         Identify the potential career options following participation in HE (Aw 5.3)
·         Recognise and understand the full range of options available in Key Stage 4 and / or post 16 and HE (Aw 3.1)
·         Recognise that HE is complex and competitive, offering learners great choice and requiring active and informed decision-making (Ap 3.1)
·         Have an awareness of the learning environment in HE and student life (Ac 3.1)
·         Feel motivated and confident to progress to post 16 option (As 4.1)
·         Understand the finance support available whist attending HE (Aw 4.3)
·         Recognise different HE pathways and options (e.g. FT/PT, home or away etc) (Aw 4.4)
·         Recognising the various entry requirements and routes to HE (Ap 4.1)
·         Recognise the skills and qualifications required for chosen HE pathway (Aw 5.1)
·         Understand the financial support available for students in HE and the means to access this (Aw 5.2)
·         Understand the HE application process (Ap 5.1)
·         Understand the significance of the choices made (Ap 5.2)
·         Prepared for a successful transition to HE study and life as a student (Ac 5.2)

Places Available:
30 (at least 50% of learners must be Aimhigher Plus)

Our cancellation policy applies. Visit this website below for more information:

Suitable For:

Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 4 (Students aged 14-16)
Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)


Short Session

Dates Available:

This event is delivered at our institution. Please contact us to arrange a date.

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