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Our staff visit you at a time that fits in with your timetable. We'll deliver WJEC, AQA and Edexcel L3 concepts which form part of progression-focused sessions that explore L4 modules. Suitable for year 12 and year 13 assemblies, subject-specific sessions and staff training. at University of South Wales

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History talks (several choices on offer)

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Our staff visit you at a time that fits in with your timetable. We'll deliver WJEC, AQA and Edexcel L3 concepts which form part of progression-focused sessions that explore L4 modules. Suitable for year 12 and year 13 assemblies, subject-specific sessions and staff training.

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Sessions include

The Mid Tudor Crisis in Wales and England c. 1529-1570
‘This realm of England is an empire’: political and religious change in Wales, 1532-1547
‘Elizabeth, the pretended Queen of England’: religion and politics under the Tudor queens

Reform and Protest in Wales and England c.1783-1848
From mindless ‘mobs’ to rational ‘crowds’: making sense of popular protest, c. 1812-1831
Sewers, drains and workhouses: heroes and villains in an age of social reform

Politics and Society in Wales and England c. 1900-1939
The economic, social and political impact of war, 1900-1918
Economic, political and cultural change, 1918-1939

Religious Reformation in Europe c.1500-1567
Luther’s reformation: what made it work? (1500-31)
The second generation: Radicals, Calvinists, and Counter-Reformers (1531-64)

Slavery and territorial expansion, or “Was the War Inevitable?”
Could the conflict over slavery only be resolved by war? Not everybody thought so. Many Northerners were ready to appease Southern slave holders. Equally, many Southerners were reluctant to break away from the United States. Why then did so many people rush to war in 1861?

Who voted for Hitler, and why?
The Weimar Republic and the Nazi Party This workshop presents recent research on key questions for the history of Weimar Germany: Why did the Nazi party’s support grow in the early 1930s? What tactics did the Nazis use to attract support, and what problems in Weimar government and society could they exploit? Who, in the end, voted for the Nazi party, and why?

The Holocaust – how did ‘civilisation’ fail?
How could an ultra-racist murderous minority in the Nazi leadership bring about a policy of mass murder couched in bureaucratic language and a pseudo-scientific ideology? Investigating these themes, and the role of the Führer, Adolf Hitler, in the Third Reich casts some light on what went so horrifically wrong in a country of high culture, high modernity and supposedly ‘civilised’ European way of life in the context of racial war in the East. The talk also addresses the situation of the Jews from social exclusion to systematic mass murder.

Led from above or driven from below? Perspectives of the Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968
The time frame of the civil rights movement in many ways mirrored the development of social history or ‘history from below’. Social history offered a voice among others to the disenfranchised and the subjugated, so it would surely offer a perfect vehicle for the movement. Why then was the historiographical debate surrounding civil rights for more than a decade after his death still dominated by Martin Luther King and biographical or ‘History from above’?

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Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 4 (Students aged 14-16)
Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)


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The University of South Wales (USW) is the largest university in Wales. With campuses in Pontypridd, Cardiff and Newport, students can enjoy city life, stunning beaches and breath-taking countryside.

Cardiff Campus

Our Cardiff Campus is based in the heart of the city. It is home to creative industries students and offers endless opportunities. Cardiff is a major centre for media and TV production in the UK. The campus is overflowing with specialist facilities, study spaces, a library and Students’ Union.

Newport Campus

Newport Campus is one of the university’s most iconic buildings. With Friars Walk shopping centre right opposite and Halls of Residence a few minutes’ walk away, it couldn’t be in a better location. Many of our subjects are based here, including counselling, cyber security, teaching and social work.

Pontypridd Campus

USW Pontypridd is our largest campus and made up of Treforest and Glyntaff. Surrounded by green open spaces, students love the community atmosphere. Students will find everything they need on campus, their classes, accommodation, library, sport centre, Students’ Union and cafes. The campus is home to many subjects, from business and law, to engineering, health and sport.

Student support

We offer an outstanding network of support and advice for our students. Our Advice Zones, based on all campuses, are easily accessible and a first point of contact for any issues. Students will be connected to a wealth of services, including wellbeing, disability, money advice, health clinics, chaplaincy and USW Careers.

USW Careers prepares students for success. Employability is part of our curriculum, and teaching is informed by real-world practical experience. We help with all stages of the job hunt, from CVs and interview skills to job applications. Students can even search live job vacancies, work placements, and attend career workshops and networking events.

The university works with employers across all industry sectors. We link students with opportunities and help their CV stand out. Our students take part in our Grad Edge Award, and we can even support them to develop business ideas through Student Enterprise.

Our courses ensure students get the practical experience to prepare them for the workplace. Students gain essential skills by using industry-standard equipment, from our Moot Courtroom and Clinical Simulation Centre, to Film & TV School Wales, Crime Scene Facilities and our Sport Park.

The recent extension to USW Cardiff includes dance and drama spaces, design and photographic studios, fashion facilities and creative spaces on all floors for collaborative working.

With a library on each campus, students can access a range of services and resources. There are different types of study spaces, from social to silent, as well as access to books, journals, PCs and Wi-Fi.

For sport enthusiasts, there are over 65 teams that compete in the BUCS league, ranging from tennis and mountain biking, to golf, surfing and rugby. USW Sport has some of the most impressive facilities in the UK. USW Sport Park is one of the best university sport coaching and training venues in the country.

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