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FREE Year 12 Philosophy and Politics taster day for students that are looking to studying Philosophy and or Politics at University at University of Reading

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Year 12 Politics and Philosophy taster day

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FREE Year 12 Philosophy and Politics taster day for students that are looking to studying Philosophy and or Politics at University

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Students will explore a range of philosophical and political perspectives on Freedom through lectures and seminars that investigate questions such as: What is freedom? Does freedom require equality, or is it impossible to be both free and equal? What is sovereignty and what are the links between sovereignty and democracy? Does UK membership of the European Union necessarily involve a loss of sovereignty, or can sovereignty be maintained through democratic accountability? Students will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with current students at the University.

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Bookings by Teachers for Key Stage 5 (Students aged 16-18)
Individuals (Enquiry not required to be through a school)


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The University of Reading offers an ever-expanding programme of free outreach events across all subject areas from Year 7 - 12. All events are intended to enthuse students whilst offering curriculum enhancement and enrichment.

The types of provision include:

Subject Days and Theme Days - hands-on activities for students based on or around a particular A Level (or equivalent) subject. Days include practical tasters which support their studies or highlight the Higher Education options available to students studying in these areas. Aside from collaborating with the central Global Recruitment Team ( UK and Outreach) on the development of outreach activities focused around particular subjects, some academic departments also run their own events for schools and colleges.

Master Classes and Technique Sessions – these events focus on a specific area, technique or skill within a subject, allowing students the chance to see 'close-up' some of the techniques used in that subject areas.

Conferences and Debates – these events are designed to challenge the way students think about real world issues and developments in technology and to encourage independent learning and the development of transferable skills, such as evidence analysis, research and communication skills.

Lectures - as well as our public lecture series which are free and open to all schools, we also have a number of other lecture events throughout the year to engage your students with the latest research and advancements in all academic discipline.

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