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Outlining support for your Uni Connect Partnership

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Everyone should be able to make informed and inspired choices about their future, whoever they are, wherever they’re from. The Uni Connect programme ensures that happens.

This page outlines how UniTasterDays can support Uni Connect partnerships to facilitate that.

We can deliver school talks for you

To save you having to commit staff resources, we can deliver impartial university awareness sessions for all year groups in-person or online.

Just let us know the schools you’d like us to target – and we will take care of everything else, and keep you fully up to date along the way.

  • We plan and arrange the session using our contacts at your target schools.
  • We talk to large year groups or deliver smaller seminars.
  • The session can include relevant and interactive games or group exercises.
  • Our speakers are fully insured with full DBS disclosure; have at least five years’ HE experience; and deliver UniTasterDays-approved sessions (unless you have your own Uni Connect sessions you would like us to deliver instead)
  • We even take care of your reporting and evaluation.

Targeted advertising on UniTasterDays

We know you’ll probably already have something lined up for pre-determined target schools. So why not let us help you advertise these events?

Our new school targeting means your events are only displayed to the schools and teachers you want to engage. Just create your target list when adding events; and those schools will see targeted events when they type in their school name.

We can also provide featured messages for these target schools, so when they enter their details on the site, we can ensure your message is the first thing they see. Example HERE.

And don’t forget that when you add an event to, it’s automatically listed on the UCAS website (exc open days) and for HELOA members, their regional website, too.

Use our software to list events on your website

Enjoy the benefits of our technology with an event listing tool embedded into your own own Uni Connect website. Seamlessly fitting into your own site, it will only show events listed by Uni Connect members. Unless you wanted an event feed signposting to all the events listed on UniTasterDays.

With proven, secure and mobile-friendly technology - used widely across the sector by UCAS, HELOA, Uni Connect Networks and universities nationwide - we can feed events directly to your website for display.

The technology includes the target events feature as standard – so targeted Uni Connect events will only display when one of your target schools enters their name on the page.

We can help with your brochures and flyers

If you have a new brochure or flyer in mind, we can produce the content, project manage the process, and even support with design and print. Check out our own Teachers Guide for an example of our work.

New Uni Connect Partnership Account just £1,500 + VAT for 12 months


  • Network adverts will display for all your target schools - see an example
  • A network account to post unlimited targeted events on UniTasterDays (all as premium listings)

Who we work with:

The package UniTasterDays have created for us is seriously impressive. Just what we need for a short-term, hard-to-market scheme.

Ant Sutcliffe
Higher Horizons Network Manager

Uni Connect Networks we worked with include:

We can help you open your doors a bit wider

Call 01746 769269 or drop a note to [email protected] and we’ll let you know how.

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